Together we can help the world see better and live better.

THANK YOU to all who supported OneSight through the One Day’s Pay Field Leadership Campaign. Your gifts will directly support sustainable vision care for millions more in need. If you did not get a chance to participate in this campaign there will be another opportunity when your Brand launches this initiative to all store associates.

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One Day's Pay Frequently Asked Questions

OneSight is committed to helping the world see clearly. And with your support, we can help the world see better and live better. Luxottica employees fuel our ability to provide underserved communities with eye exams and glasses and establish permanent centers run by local people – ensuring both short-term and long-term access to vision care.

We invite Luxottica employees to donate the value of one day's wage by enrolling in payroll deductions. Your contribution will be divided into 26 equal portions and deducted from your paycheck over the course of the year. There are 26 pay periods in a year for those paid bi-weekly

For Luxottica, being a world leader in eyewear and eye care also means being a leader in helping the world see. We believe we have a shared responsibility to grow our charitable and sustainable work to help millions more in need.

You can easily calculate the value of One Day's Pay by using the One Day's Pay for OneSight calculator. Your one day of pay is spread over 26 pay periods (if you are paid every two weeks). If you are paid weekly, your donation will be deducted in 52 pay periods. If you are paid monthly, it will be deducted in 12 pay periods.

See the below formula for a sample calculation for an associate who is paid every two weeks:

  • Salary Associates: Base salary (round to nearest thousand) divided by 260 (work days/year) divided by 26 (pay periods/year). (ex: $20,000 salary / 260 / 26 = 2.96 per pay check)
  • Hourly Associates: Hourly wage multiplied by average number of hours worked per day and then divided by 26 (pay periods/year). (ex: $10.00 x 6 hrs per day / 26 = $2.31 per pay check.)

Yes! OneSight is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. You'll receive an email confirmation of your payroll deduction pledge or one-time gift. We recommend that you print and save for your records. Please also refer to your Ceridian payroll statements.  Payroll donations are withdrawn post tax.

You can enroll in One Day's Pay at any time. There is a calculator on the One Day's Pay microsite that helps you determine the portion of the contribution to be deducted from each paycheck over an entire year. You can ultimately determine the amount you want donated each pay period. Deductions continue until you re-enroll or notify My BLU HR ([email protected]) to increase, decrease or cancel the deductions.

If you are currently making a donation through payroll deductions, your deductions will continue unchanged until you re-enroll or notify My BLU HR to increase, decrease or cancel ([email protected]).

Yes. You will never have two payroll deductions. Your new pledge will replace your existing payroll deduction.

Yes. Luxottica affiliated doctors and licensed operators can participate in the One Day's Pay campaign by making a one-time donation at

You can find your base salary by logging onto Ceridian at My BLU HR Access. You will need your login and password to access your Ceridian account. Or, you can estimate your annual salary and use the calculator to see how much will be deducted from each paycheck.

Payroll deductions begin approximately 1-3 pay periods after your donation is submitted.

Yes. Luxottica associates requesting to stop or change One Day's Pay for OneSight payroll deductions should email [email protected] Please include the following information in your email:

  • Name
  • Lux ID
  • Specific change they want to make
  • Reason for change

Yes. If you already participate in a OneSight payroll donation, your One Day's Pay for OneSight pledge will replace your current amount. You will not have two payroll deductions.

Yes. Pledge information is always confidential and will only be viewed by the Payroll Department and the OneSight Database Administrator.

At this time a single payroll deduction cannot be taken from your paycheck. If you would like to give One Day's Pay as a one-time gift, you can do so at

Yes. We sincerely appreciate contributions at all levels. The pledge form allows you to indicate the amount you want to deduct from each paycheck.